The Forest Products Commission of Western Australia to Deploy Trimble’s CONNECTED FOREST™ Solutions

Trimble Forestry today is pleased to announce that the Forest Products Commission of Western Australia (FPCWA), the entity responsible for managing forest lands owned or leased by the government in Western Australia, will deploy Trimble’s Connected Forest solutions to move to a digital, paperless, delivery note exchange system.  

FPCWA will deploy the Connected Forest Exchange (CFX), a cloud-based platform providing visibility and access to real-time electronic delivery notes throughout the supply chain. The deployment includes mobile applications for field data collection and seamless synchronization to CFX. This will result in greater timber security, faster payment reconciliation, more efficient operations, and the estimated elimination of 36,000 paper delivery notes each year, representing 1.5 million tonnes of forest products annually.  

About the Forest Products Commission

The Forest Product Commission (FPC) promotes the sustainable management and development of Western Australia’s forest and wood products industry using native forest, plantation, and sandalwood products on land owned or leased by the State.  We ensure the immediate and ongoing production of wood products today and into the future while also protecting other forest values such as biodiversity, clear air, and clean water for generations to come.  The FPC was established in November 2000 by the Western Australian Government. 

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