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Trimble Forestry is revolutionizing the forest industry. We help commercial, government, and non-traditional organizations transform data and processes into strategic actions that promote new ways of thinking, approaches involving industry collaboration, and intelligent workflows.

Trimble Forestry has achieved global reach with its cutting-edge solutions for the forest industry and a range of professional services. We serve companies of any size, anywhere along the supply chain on their journey to the CONNECTED FOREST®.


Trimble’s  CONNECTED FOREST® solutions deliver the world’s leading integrated software and solutions for collecting, communicating, and analyzing information across and throughout the forestry business, all in real time. Our solutions have thousands of users, around the world.


Trimble Forestry is part of Trimble Inc., a global company established in 1978 and listed on the NASDAQ exchange. We employ 250 professionals, all over the world.

Trimble Forestry has offices in Canada, the USA, Brazil, New Zealand, Finland, and Germany.
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