Forest Harvesting Management System

Manage mixed fleet harvest operations in ONE system!

Don’t just follow the output of your harvesting operations. CFHarvest (formerly WoodForce) enables real-time mixed fleet management for maximum efficiency of dynamic logging operations. CFHarvest is a day-to-day planning and operations control system for harvesting execution and forestry services.

CFHarvest enables you to know the productivity of your fleet and thus make the improvements needed. With the information given by CFHarvest you are also able to reduce both roadside and terminal inventory.

CFHarvest enables you to

  • Save money
  • Improve the profitability of your harvesting operations
    ..and more


Total harvesting
management solution


Handy web-based application
for work scheduling.


Useful on-board application
for operation execution and control.

Field operations

Clever mobile app for operation in



Key Features & Benefits

For Contractors

  • Manage mixed fleet operations with one system
  • Reduce waste and increase revenue per machine
  • Improve forwarder efficiency by showing harvester’s route
  • Do work site planning anywhere via tablet application
  • Increase safety at work with map symbol based alerts

For Forestry Companies

  • Reduce roadside and terminal inventory levels
  • Forecast of planned wood flow to roadside storages
  • Know how much wood you’ve cut and where it went – in real time
  • Ensure traceability to wood origin

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CFHarvest is a web-based software service with the flexibility to suit diverse business processes within the forest industry worldwide.

CFHarvest provides a streamlined supply chain that benefits both the forestry companies and the contractors.

  • Almost 1000

  • Over 5000

Customer reviews

  • Metsähallitus: A major development leap!

    ”Having this holistic planning system throughout the forest sector is a major development leap. It advances the development of the forestry industry in the future. I believe that the whole forest sector will benefit from the change.”

    Heikki Kääriäinen, Director Timber Supply, Metsähallitus

  • Stora Enso: Increases productivity

    ”We want to be promoting and enabling contractors with the ability to work for several forest companies to increase productivity. This benefits all parties.”

    Jari Mutanen, Supply Manager Wood Supply Finland, Stora Enso

  • Metsä Group: User-friendly tool

    “Trimble Forestry’s CFHarvest solution gives user-friendly tools for contractors to manage work orders.”

    Hannu Alarautalahti, SVP, Production,
    Metsä Group

  • Contractor: Everyday work is now significantly smoother

    ”CFHarvest is easy to use and it makes everyday work go significantly smoother. You can use CFHarvest with a smartphone, so expensive equipment purchases are not required. Also, work planning is very fluent with CFHarvest.”

    Teemu Moilanen, Silviculture Service Contractor, Kuljetusliike Veljekset Moilanen

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