Spatially Integrated Land and Forest Management

Real-time Visibility and Efficiency to Forest Operations

Trimble Forestry’s CFForest is a spatially-enabled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for forest owners.  Our solutions offer tools to manage land records, forest inventory, silviculture and harvest activity planning and tracking, environmental management, certification, infrastructure management, wood procurement and customers.

CFForest can support the business needs of all forestry professionals. Suitable for forestry organizations of any size to both manage their own forests or forests owned by others.

CFForest offers both SaaS and enterprise solutions for real-time forest management. Our SaaS solution is also known as SilvaPRO and our enterprise solution as Land Resource Manager (LRM), which integrates seamlessly with Mobile Builder, a mobile platform for transferring forms-based work processes to mobile devices.

Mobile Builder is a configurable mobile platform that replaces traditional paper-based business processes via the creation of forms for iOS and Android devices.  Mobile Builder integrates seamlessly with Land Resource Manager.  Mobile Builder can capture both spatial and tabular information in a disconnected environment allowing the field worker to capture and edit enterprise data.

CFForest solutions

CFForest: SilvaPRO

SilvaPRO is a SaaS-based ERP system for forest and work site planningwork site monitoring and wood procurement. A modern user interface and an embedded map view enables efficient management of all forest operation functions.

SilvaPRO is the tool for the companies that manage their own forest or do so as a service to other land owners and want it to be easy and fast.

As a web-based service, CFForest can be used anywhere without configuration or customization.

CFForest: Land Resource Manager

Land Resource Manager (LRM) is a highly configurable enterprise resource planning application for managing assets and activities associated with both land and forest.

LRM provides the authoritative source of record for the forest and other assets.  LRM centrally manages activities, assets, schedules, progress, and associated costs necessary for effective decision support, resource planning, compliance, and stakeholder reporting.

The ESRI ArcGIS platform is integrated with Land Resource Manager to offer users full GIS functionality.

CFForest: Mobile Builder

Mobile Builder is a configurable mobile platform that replaces traditional paper business processes via the creation of customized forms for data collection and entry on iOS and Android devices in the field.  Mobile Builder integrates with Land Resource Manager allowing the field worker to capture both spatial and tabular information.All data is saved even when being used in remote locations, without cell or wi-fi service.  






Key Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy access to forest inventory and asset information
  • Managing contracts, plans and declarations related to forest property and operational management
  • Tracking and managing of executed forest operations
  • An integrated spatial view that provides access to all key internal and external data
  • Powerful viewing and editing tools to maintain your data and map production tools to simplify map production
  • Increase business insight for planned and executed operations and the potential costs and revenues associated with them
  • Tracking of operational data provides an opportunity  to learn from history to better predict and manage future operations
  • Plan, track and manage chemical applications

Want to know more about CFForest?

Please leave your contact details to download our product brochure.

Please leave your contact details to download our product brochure.

Please leave your contact details to download our product brochure.

Please leave your contact details to download our product brochure.


CFForest is used to manage forest for the worlds largest private forest owner,governmentsforestry companiessmall owners and associations.

  • Thousands
    of users

  • In use on
    6 continents

  • Manages Millions of
    Hectares (Acres)

Customer reviews

  • Forest Management Association Pirkanmaa: A versatile application with all the functions we need

    ”CFForest: SilvaPRO is a versatile, all in one application. The SaaS platform means there is no need for a separate server and resources for maintenance. Our map creation tools have improved considerably since moving to CFForest, we now have up-to-date digital maps that are always available.”

    Jukka Pohjonen, Head of Forest Planning, Forest Management Association Pirkanmaa

  • BCTS: Clear process improvement

    At British Columbia’s BC Timber Sales we advance process improvement and integrates mobile data management with Trimble’s CONNECTED FOREST™ solutions and services.

    Brian Quinn, RPF Senior Manager Business Information

  • Rayonier: Reliable technology to shape our key operations

    We rely on Trimble’s CONNECTED FOREST™ technology to shape our key forest management and fibre load tracking initiatives.

    Zack Jones, Business Intelligence Engineer, Rayonier

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