Professional services

Trimble Forestry has implemented hundreds of complex enterprise implementations around the globe.

Our team of professionals can expertly guide your project from proof of concept to successful launch and beyond by working with you to ensure your solution grows and evolves along with your business.

Our Professional services offering includes:

Map Services

Maps have been an essential part of forestry operations for decades. Trimble can provide you a variety of services and products related to spatial information: digital maps, routing information and geocoding. Our cloud services provide image or vector type of geographical data having standard interfaces. Data sources can be originated to anywhere in the world. In addition, our specialists can design any type of sophisticated spatial analysis solutions for your specific needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Plans and simulations are best presented on a map
  • Situation-awareness for the forestry operations
  • Easy to implement cloud services
Implementation & Support

Trimble Forestry’s implementation and support services provide a foundation for ensuring your project is planned, managed and maintained throughout the project lifecycle.  Our professionals work hard to understand your business and technology needs to recommend the best solution, based on best practices that will maximize the value of your solution and then will support your solution so that it continues to provide added value to your business.

Key Features:

  • Project planning
  • Requirements definition
  • Solution design and configuration
  • Testing and deployment
  • Help desk and web support
Best Practices Consulting

Trimble Forestry can work with your team to analyze how you can optimize your business processes to ensure maximum leverage of your software solution.  This is achieved by using a business process centric approach rather than a systems approach.


  • Improved productivity for staff allowing better use of their time for value added functions
  • Decreased costs for forestry plan submissions
  • Faster turnaround time for business payments and invoicing
  • Leveraging of proven business process enhancements from our experience with other clients in the industry
Outsourcing & Custom Development

Outsourcing IT functions on a full or partial basis can be a cost effective solution to help manage your Trimble Forestry solution.

We can provide expertise across a range of IT functions to close gaps in your resource capacity and give you more control of your on-demand IT.

Trimble Forestry can also provide custom application development for solutions that can either stand alone or complement your Trimble Forestry implementation.

Key Features

  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Configuration (SQL development)
  • Database administration
  • Custom software development

Trimble Forestry offers a full solution for clients that don’t have the facilities or the resources to host and manage their solution on premise.  Our team can design a hosting solution that will meet your specific needs so that you can focus more on your business.

Key Features:

  • Architecture provisioning
  • User account management
  • Solution scalability
  • Database management (if required)
  • Customer support
Other Consulting Services

Trimble Forestry offers other types of consulting services that can round out your solution experience to meet your evolving needs.

Key Offerings:

  • Solution training (system, module, custom)
  • Database consulting
  • Report design consulting
  • Custom consulting services
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