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Trimble Forestry serves customers of all sizes. Our solutions are used by thousands of forestry professionals, all over the globe, every day. This is how our customers are using our CONNECTED FOREST® solutions to generate greater business value.



CFForest for Land and Forest Management

Forest Management Association Pirkanmaa: A versatile application with all the functions we need

”CFForest: SilvaPRO is a versatile, all in one application. The SaaS platform means there is no need for a separate server and resources for maintenance. Our map creation tools have improved considerably since moving to CFForest, we now have up-to-date digital maps that are always available.”

Jukka Pohjonen, Head of Forest Planning, Forest Management Association Pirkanmaa

BCTS: Clear process improvement

At British Columbia’s BC Timber Sales we advance process improvement and integrates mobile data management with Trimble’s CONNECTED FOREST® solutions and services.

Brian Quinn, RPF Senior Manager Business Information

Rayonier: Reliable technology to shape our key operations

We rely on Trimble’s CONNECTED FOREST® technology to shape our key forest management and fibre load tracking initiatives.

Zack Jones, Manager, Forestry Systems, Rayonier

CFHarvest for Wood Harvesting Management

Metsähallitus: A major development leap!

”Having this holistic planning system throughout the forest sector is a major development leap. It advances the development of the forestry industry in the future. I believe that the whole forest sector will benefit from the change.”

Heikki Kääriäinen, Director Timber Supply, Metsähallitus

Stora Enso: Increases productivity

”We want to be promoting and enabling contractors with the ability to work for several forest companies to increase productivity. This benefits all parties.”

Jari Mutanen, Supply Manager Wood Supply Finland, Stora Enso

Metsä Group: User-friendly tool

“Trimble Forestry’s CFHarvest solution gives user-friendly tools for contractors to manage work orders.”

Hannu Alarautalahti, SVP, Production,
Metsä Group

Contractor: Everyday work is now significantly smoother

”CFHarvest is easy to use and it makes everyday work go significantly smoother. You can use CFHarvest with a smartphone, so expensive equipment purchases are not required. Also, work planning is very fluent with CFHarvest.”

Teemu Moilanen, Silviculture Service Contractor, Kuljetusliike Veljekset Moilanen

CFLogistics for Wood Transportation Management

Hoffmans Haulage PTY Ltd.: Better productivity and service

”It has become much easier to balance truck capacity requirements when trucks might otherwise have been parked or logging operations and mills could fall short of their uplift or delivery needs.”

Lisa Hoffman, Operations Manager, Hoffmans Haulage PTY Ltd.

Stora Enso: Way to boost the development in forestry

”We want to boost development in the forestry and transportation. A common software service is one of the requirements for this development.”

Jari Mutanen, Supply Manager Wood Supply Finland, Stora Enso

Metsä Group: Better logistics process

“Trimble Forestry’s CFLogistics solution is a solid platform that enables collaborative logistic process development with our transport contractors.”

Hannu Alarautalahti, SVP, Production, Metsä Group

Contractor: Most significant step forward in timber transportation

“This is the most significant step forward in timber transportation. The contractors will gain new opportunities to enhance their own transportation management both internally and with other transporters.”

Managing Director Ahti Parviainen, Metsä Karjala Oy

Hancock Forest Management Ltd: Improved haulage productivity

”Trimble Forestry’s CFLogistics: WSX solution support Hancock distribution objectives to responsively control our fibre supply operations through improved haulage productivity and supply chain planning and execution. Moving forward our ability to manage transport cost and monitor compliance has been recognised as a competitive advantage within the market we operate.”

Chris Bailey, Distribution Manager, Hancock Forest Management Ltd

Forestry Corporation NSW (FCNSW) – Hardwood Division: Increases competitive advantage

“Trimble’s CFLogistics solutions has empowered the consortium and FCNSW managers to responsively control their fiber supply operations and thereby improve the value of the underlying forest asset.”

Keith Davidson, General Manager, Boral Timber Ltd

CFXchange for Load Ticket Exchange

Kalesnikoff: Proven to be excellent investment

“CFXchange is an integral part of our business process and has proven to be very good investment. I would highly recommend Trimble Forestry’s services.”

Krystal Seed, CFO, Kalesnikoff

Interfor Corporation: Recommended to everyone purchasing or selling logs

“Trimble Forestry staff are personable and extremely knowledgeable about the forestry industry and information systems. The software is very error free, updates are timely, and things just work right the first time. During the transition from our former scaling software, their support was exemplary. If I needed help, I received it promptly and it was delivered clearly and courteously. I recommend them and their product to anyone accounting for the purchasing or selling of logs.”

Matt Dilworth, Applications Developer, Interfor Corporation

Log Gone It: Saves time

”A place to view all your load transactions, current, past and future, in a format that showcases what is relevant to you. Whether you’re in planning, harvesting, the sawmill or log transport CFXchange is easy to use and saves time.”

Dallas Garcia, Scaling and Contract Supervisor, Log Gone It

CFBusiness Wood Procurement, Contract Management and Settlements

AKD is an integrated forestry and timber processing company. Our operations are comprised of 9,000ha radiata pine estate, six large scale sawmills across Australia, three post and preservation businesses, and export operations from multiple locations. We proudly service our customers and suppliers through sustainable forestry practices and employing the latest technologies available across our vertically-integrated operations. Introducing Trimble’s cloud based log accounting system – LIMS is consistent with AKD’s commitment to leveraging polished and proven technology in an increasingly complex and exciting industry.”

Karen Johns, Forest Solutions Analyst

“We implented LIMS in less than 2 months and I couldn’t have been happier with the way it went. It was quick and easy to learn the new system. I would highly recommend LIMS based on my experience with the product and its support resources.”

Emily Acord, Log Accounting, Landvest, Inc.

“FMG is committed to providing the best service to our clients and stakeholders. As part of this we found a need to upgrade our log management software. Trimble has been selected to take our system through to the end goal of electronic docketing through their cloud based log accounting system – LIMS. This will give our business greater ability to measure and manage our operations and streamline the service offered to customers, clients and contractors”

Glenn Moir, Director of FMG

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