Alberta Newsprint Company replaces paper load ticket books with CFX, a Trimble Connected Forest™ Product

Alberta Newsprint Company (ANC) is replacing its paper load ticket process with CFX, a Trimble Connected Forest product.

Alberta Newsprint faced two persistent challenges with its paper-based process:  collecting paper ticket books from its contractors was time-consuming, and reconciling the errors that inevitably resulted from manual entry added cost.  ANC’s deployment of a digital solution will help to streamline the process of collecting and reconciling load tickets.

Using CFX instead of paper load books results in greater accuracy of field-collected data, and provides visibility into supply chain transactions for both the contracting community and the forest product company. ANC has also been able to leverage CFX to expedite mandatory COVID-19 checks at their scale.

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About Alberta Newsprint Company

Alberta’s first and only paper mill, Alberta Newsprint Company (ANC), is a joint venture of The Stern Group (Whitecourt Newsprint Company Limited Partnership) and West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. With a strong commitment to excellence shared by every member of the team, ANC supplies companies worldwide with high quality, cost-effective and socially responsible newsprint.

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