ERP and Production Planning System for
the Sawmill and Wood-Processing Industry

Manage sawing and
further-processing operations

Trimble Forestry’s Meka is a comprehensive solution for optimization of the supply chain, all the way from the log yard to finished wood products delivered to the customer’s location. Meka systems are fully customizable to customers’ needs, irrespective of the individual company’s structure and specific area of business.

Meka is used in such operations as production of sawn and planed goods, impregnated products, poles, pellets, energy products, and glue lam products. Our staff is composed of professionals in the mechanical wood-processing industry, and we have the expertise to customize Meka solution to perfectly suit our customers’ special needs.




Key Features & Benefits

  • Optimization of the entire supply chain
  • Synchronized sales and production
  • Production planning for every plant type, all with one system
  • Advanced utilization of process data
  • The possibility of bidirectional production integration
  • Superior warehouse management
  • Enhanced forklift efficiency
  • Delivery planning that guarantees on-time shipments
  • Extensive reporting extending along the full supply chain

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Meka is designed especially for sawmills and the mechanical wood-processing industry. The solution is widely utilized in Europe, and it’s the ERP and production-planning system used most in the Finnish sawmill industry, both by production volume and by number of users

  • Hundreds
    of users

  • Widespread use in

  • Around 6,5 M m3
    of sawn timber each year

Customer reviews

  • Pölkky: Our needs are understood well

    “We value the fact that the ERP system and other tools have been developed flexibly in accordance with our needs.”

    Tuomas Virranniemi, Chief Information Officer, Pölkky Oy

  • Ålands Skogsindustrier AB: Trimble Forestry is a trustworthy partner

    “We also looked at Sweden, to see whether the companies over there offered corresponding ERP systems for the sawmill industry. On the other hand, we were well aware that Trimble Forestry always delivers the service as promised and they also know the ins and outs of the sawmill business.”

    Joakim Blom, Managing Director, Ålands Skogsindustrier AB

  • Koskisen Oy: The system works excellently

    “All in all, the implementation of MekaMAP has progressed well. The system functions excellently, and all we need to do now is adopt some new work methods.”

    Jaakko Huttunen, Production Manager, Koskisen Oy

  • Luvian Saha: Trimble Forestry really understands our business

    “Trimble understands the day-to-day operations of the sawmill and is familiar with our methods of operation. That’s important since each sawmill has a unique materials flow.”

    Ari Alm, Production planner, Luvian Saha Oy

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