Sydved Selects CFHarvest to Digitalize its Forestry Harvesting Operations

Sydved selects CFHarvest to manage its forestry operations. Picture of Sydved harvesting wood

One of the largest forest companies in Sweden, Sydved, has selected Trimble’s CFHarvest to manage and increase the productivity, efficiency and sustainability of its forestry harvesting operations. Sydved is the first Swedish forest company to implement CFHarvest.

CFHarvest is a forest harvesting management and tracking system that provides real-time visibility of harvested volumes and location of wood. The system enables forest companies such as Sydved to reduce roadside and terminal inventory levels and improve the productivity of their harvesting operations. By minimizing equipment moves and improving locational awareness between the harvester and forwarder, CFHarvest can support the reduction of emissions from forestry operations. CFHarvest is a web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to also manage silvicultural operations and forestry services. In addition, CFHarvest can be used formixed fleet operations and provide traceability to the source.

CFHarvest supports our desired way of working and creates opportunities for major efficiencies in our production process. The system will also serve as a key component in our harvesting operations that can enable us to focus on our quality and sustainability objectives. The service helps to steer resource-efficient use of round wood and minimize emissions of non-productive engine hours as well as protect soil floor and natural habitats,” said Örjan Vorrei, IT manager for Sydved.

Supporting Sydved’s efforts to increase efficiency and drive sustainability in its operations is paramount. With CFHarvest, Sydved will have the benefit of seeing operational data in real time. Managers can plan, schedule and execute harvesting decisions based on real-time field data. The solution also optimizes cutting instructions to improve value recovery, whether logs or pulpwood. The real-time visibility of harvest operations improves forest-to-mill logistics, which can result in reducing carbon emissions intensity,” said KevinToohill, general manager of Trimble Forestry.

Sydved handles approximately 5 million cubic meters offorest annually; of which 3 million cubic meters are harvested by their approximately 200 contractors. Trimble’s CFHarvest will also be used by Sydved’s contractors to manage their operations.

With CFHarvest, our contractors will have better opportunities to both plan work execution and share essential information in real time. This creates the conditions for efficient use of machines and personnel while reducing the risk of damage to cultural and natural environments. Overall, CFHarvest enables the combination of sustainable working practices and good profitability. Addressing sustainability challenges was a key factor for us in choosing CFHarvest,” said Vorrei.

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