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CFXchange puts all fibre supply data in one place

Trimble Forestry’s CONNECTED FOREST® Xchange (CFX) is a collaborative cloud solution designed to provide visibility and timber security in real-time. It includes mobile trip ticketing, with the option to have paperless exchanges between logging sites and destination mills. CFX can be integrated with our log information management system, LIMS.

CFX provides fiber supply data visibility, allowing log load and scale information for all scale site deliveries to be viewed on mobile phones, tablets or via a web browser. Field workers and office administrators have real-time access to key metrics.

CFX speeds contract reconciliation and payment processing, provides greater timber security, allows easy data import and export, integrated ticketing, and provides comprehensive analysis and reporting tools. CFX facilitates industry collaboration resulting in greater operational efficiency throughout the supply chain.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Dashboard, reporting and data analysis tools
  • Reconciliation between Trip Tickets and Scale Tickets
  • Chart activity by scale site, timber allocation, carriers and suppliers
  • Electronics signatures
  • Upload pictures from field
  • Works online or offline
  • iOS and Android support
  • Print tickets in field
  • Print/scan barcodes
  • Visibility on all relevant trip and load tickets
  • Spatially-enabled with ESRI technology
  • Easy import of weigh-scale data
  • Drop trailer workflows

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CFXchange is a next generation cloud solution for forestry companies, government agencies, sort yards, log traders, sawmills, pulpmills, logging/hauling contractors and scale site operators to streamline business operations.

Customer reviews

  • Kalesnikoff: Proven to be excellent investment

    “CFXchange is an integral part of our business process and has proven to be very good investment. I would highly recommend Trimble Forestry’s services.”

    Krystal Seed, CFO, Kalesnikoff

  • Interfor Corporation: Recommended to everyone purchasing or selling logs

    “Trimble Forestry staff are personable and extremely knowledgeable about the forestry industry and information systems. The software is very error free, updates are timely, and things just work right the first time. During the transition from our former scaling software, their support was exemplary. If I needed help, I received it promptly and it was delivered clearly and courteously. I recommend them and their product to anyone accounting for the purchasing or selling of logs.”

    Matt Dilworth, Applications Developer, Interfor Corporation

  • Log Gone It: Saves time

    ”A place to view all your load transactions, current, past and future, in a format that showcases what is relevant to you. Whether you’re in planning, harvesting, the sawmill or log transport CFXchange is easy to use and saves time.”

    Dallas Garcia, Scaling and Contract Supervisor, Log Gone It

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