Trimble Forestry Announces Integration of LIMS and CFX

Increased Supply Chain Efficiency and Profitability With CFX-enabled 

 Data Visibility, Mobile Ticketing, and Timber Security

Trimble Forestry announced today that its widely used Log Information Management System (LIMS) now integrates seamlessly with the Connected Forest™ Xchange (CFX). The integration allows load ticket information from LIMS to sync to the cloud-based CFX portal, which can be accessed from any device, any place.  

With CFX’s flexibility, easy-to-view dashboards, and mobile accessibility, key operational data, such as electronic tickets, fiber source GPS coordinates, and detailed supply chain records can also be shared in near real-time, at the company’s discretion, with supply chain partners, such as harvesters, haulers, and scale sites.

“The level of data sharing enabled by our LIMS/CFX integration is key to increasing efficiency within forestry supply chains,” said Kevin Toohill, General Manager of Trimble Forestry. “Visibility and shared data increases timber security and facilitates real-time, data-based decision-making, as well as easier records reconciliation and faster payments.”

LIMS/CFX users can add electronic load ticketing using a mobile device with an added mobile subscription.  The CFX mobile subscription allows haulers and scale site operators to use reference data, such as source, destination, and species, synced from LIMS/CFX. The synched drop-down menus help reduce errors, greatly increase timber security and accountability, and make it much easier and faster to reconcile load tickets exchanged between harvest and delivery. The higher fidelity of tracking loads from forest to delivery allows companies to better support certification requirements. Every load that leaves the woods can be reconciled to a weight scale load coming in the gate.  

“Today’s announcement further builds on our Connected Forest™ strategy to improve workflows and access to data within organizations and between trading partners throughout the forestry supply chain,” added Toohill.

To request a demonstration or learn more about the LIMS/CFX integration, email or call Trimble Forestry sales at 888-443-4241 in North America. Trimble Forestry has sales offices around the world.  To find a local contact number outside of North America, please visit

About LIMS

The Log Inventory & Management System (LIMS) provides management control over all phases of timberland, woodland, yard, and mill operations. LIMS is an industry-standard forestry system for managing supplier contracts, contractor settlements, wood or fiber procurement, wood trading or sales, yard or mill inventory, consumption, and comprehensive reporting and planning. LIMS provides users an easily configurable operational dashboard, reporting wizards, and analysis capabilities. With CFX integrated, LIMS users are able to facilitate the sharing of key operational data from throughout the supply chain in near real-time.  

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