Pölkky: Our needs are understood well

“We value the fact that the ERP system and other tools have been developed flexibly in accordance with our needs.”

Tuomas Virranniemi, Chief Information Officer, Pölkky Oy

Ålands Skogsindustrier AB: Trimble Forestry is a trustworthy partner

“We also looked at Sweden, to see whether the companies over there offered corresponding ERP systems for the sawmill industry. On the other hand, we were well aware that Trimble Forestry always delivers the service as promised and they also know the ins and outs of the sawmill business.”

Joakim Blom, Managing Director, Ålands Skogsindustrier AB

Koskisen Oy: The system works excellently

“All in all, the implementation of MekaMAP has progressed well. The system functions excellently, and all we need to do now is adopt some new work methods.”

Jaakko Huttunen, Production Manager, Koskisen Oy

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