Hoffmans Haulage PTY Ltd.: Better productivity and service

”It has become much easier to balance truck capacity requirements when trucks might otherwise have been parked or logging operations and mills could fall short of their uplift or delivery needs.”

Lisa Hoffman, Operations Manager, Hoffmans Haulage PTY Ltd.

Stora Enso: Way to boost the development in forestry

”We want to boost development in the forestry and transportation. A common software service is one of the requirements for this development.”

Jari Mutanen, Supply Manager Wood Supply Finland, Stora Enso

Metsä Group: Better logistics process

“Trimble Forestry’s CFLogistics solution is a solid platform that enables collaborative logistic process development with our transport contractors.”

Hannu Alarautalahti, SVP, Production, Metsä Group

Contractor: Most significant step forward in timber transportation

“This is the most significant step forward in timber transportation. The contractors will gain new opportunities to enhance their own transportation management both internally and with other transporters.”

Managing Director Ahti Parviainen, Metsä Karjala Oy

Hancock Forest Management Ltd: Improved haulage productivity

”Trimble Forestry’s CFLogistics: WSX solution support Hancock distribution objectives to responsively control our fibre supply operations through improved haulage productivity and supply chain planning and execution. Moving forward our ability to manage transport cost and monitor compliance has been recognised as a competitive advantage within the market we operate.”

Chris Bailey, Distribution Manager, Hancock Forest Management Ltd

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