Interfor Corporation selects LIMS and WeighWiz

Vancouver, BC, Canada – December 30, 2020 – Interfor Corporation has selected LIMS and WeighWiz for all of their locations in British Columbia, Canada along with the Southeast and Pacific Northwest regions of the US.

Interfor’s goal in replacing existing pay systems and scale systems was to standardize on industry best business systems and processes. With LIMS and WeighWiz, Interfor will automate operations and achieve more accuracy by eliminating manual/duplicated tasks.

Interfor will experience many business enhancements including; purchase agreements, contract management with rate structure/fuel adjustments/approvals, inventory/transfers, settlements, severance/sales tax, intercompany transactions, insurance, certifications, imports/exports, access to hundreds of reports and a report writer, financial interface and byproducts management.

Interfor Corporation is one of the largest lumber producers in the world. The company’s sawmilling operations have a combined manufacturing capacity of over 3 billion board feet of lumber with sales to North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. To learn more about Interfor Corporation, please visit their website at and follow them on social media @Interfor.

Trimble Forestry acquired 3LOG in September of 2019, adding LIMS and WeighWiz to its Connected Forest Business portfolio. The acquisition expanded Trimble Forestry’s Connected Forest™ solutions, which offer a complete end-to-end ecosystem for forest management, traceability, and timber processing.

For more information about 3LOG Systems or available products contact 3LOG at 877-249-3LOG (3564), or by email at

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