Canadian Kraft Paper Mill to Implement Electronic Ticketing Using Trimble’s Connected Forest™ Xchange (CFX)

Trimble Forestry announced today that Canadian Kraft Paper will replace its existing paper-based load ticketing process with electronic ticketing, powered by the Connected Forest™ Xchange (CFX), across its operations.

The Connected Forest™ Xchange will sync field-collected ticket data to a centralized platform for improved data integrity, reconciliation speed, and faster payment processing. The fiber supply data can be collected and viewed on mobile phones, tablets, or web browsers providing real-time access to comprehensive analysis and reporting tools.

“We are pleased to be working with Canadian Kraft Paper, a company committed to sustainable forest management practices,” said Kevin Toohill, general manager of Trimble Forestry.

To learn more about Trimble Forestry’s Connected Forest solutions, email or call Trimble Forestry sales at 888-443-4241 in North America. Trimble Forestry has sales offices around the world. To find a local contact number outside of North America, visit:

About Canadian Kraft Paper

The Canadian Kraft Paper mill located in The Pas, Manitoba Canada focuses solely on the production of Unbleached Kraft Extensible papers.

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